Walleye Fishing Lures: Spoons and Spinners

Walleye Fishing Lures

Find the elusive Walleye with fewer casts. Give one of our “blinking” spoons and spinners a try and you’ll forever have this tackle in your box. We recommend the Walleye Fishing Kit to save money on a nice variety of lures.

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  • Read more $42.74

    Walleye Fishing Kit

  • Read more $7.78

    Size 2: Freshwater Casting Spoon

  • Read more $8.32

    Size 3 : All Purpose Fishing Lures

  • Read more $9.54

    Size 6 : Deep Digging Spoon

  • Read more $8.66

    Size T2 : All Purpose Freshwater Spinner

  • Read more $9.60

    Size T3 : Large Blade Spinner

  • Read more $13.86

    Size P1: Tandem Blade Spinner

Showing all 7 results