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and salmon / steelhead
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"Great high altitude lure in warm water lakes!"
Robert Kowardy,
Laramie, WY
December, 2001
"Pike went wild for this new hand-made EGB spinner blade."
Charlie Meyers / The Denver Post
"Tried EGBs last May. Best lures so far!"
Michel Lang,
Toronto, ON
March, 2002
"I have caught more trout on the classic EGB spoon than any other lure, I am anxious to try it out on Pike, Walleye, and Muskie. The price is definitely worth it!"
Matt Anderson
Evergreen, CO
May, 2002
"I just got back from a caribou / fishing trip in upper Quebec. I borrowed an EGB spoon from a friend -- he said "TRY IT". That spoon fed 6 hunters and 1 guide for 3 meals. ALL others failed. I can understand why you don't advertise HEAVY on these lures. There wouldn't be a fish left in any pond."
Kurt Hanni
June, 2005
P.S. The fish-- lake / rainbow trout on the same spoon.
"My friend from Russia recommended these lures. He had a great fishing in last two years especially for Nothern Pike."
Alexander Schwarzman
Port Jefferson, NY
May, 2002

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EGB fishing lures are hand-made in Basil, Switzerland. In the US, we have a dedicated following of satisfied customers. Fishing pros, avid and recreational anglers all agree that EGB fishing lures work exceptionally well. The Swiss craftsmanship, genuine silver plating, hand-hammered brass body and built-in French swivel are examples of the superior quality of EGB fishing lures. We offer 8 spoon sizes, 3 spinner sizes, a tandem spinner, and 15 different pattern options; there is an EGB fishing lure for every situation. Proven effective on several fresh water gamefish species, EGB fishing lures produce exceptional results on Trout, Walleye, Salmon and Pike. For any information that you do not find in this web site, please contact Chet Thompson.

EGB fishing lures are imported from Switzerland by EGB America. EGB's fishing lures are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee. Contact EGB Fishing Lures at:
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