EGB Fishing Spoons (Blinkers) - The Best Trout Lures

EGB Fishing spoons, or “Blinkers”, are made of solid brass and feature a built-in French swivel that eliminates line twist and produces a natural and irresistible wobbling action.

For more info and pictures of various patterns, check out pattern information.

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  • Read more $6.76

    Size 0 : Ultra Light Fishing Tackle

  • Read more $7.11

    Size 1: Early Season Trout Lure

  • Read more $7.78

    Size 2: Freshwater Casting Spoon

  • Read more $8.32

    Size 3 : All Purpose Fishing Lures

  • Read more $9.54

    Size 4 : Pike and Lake Trout Lure

  • Read more $10.48

    Size 5 : Muskie, Bass and Salmon Lure

  • Read more $9.54

    Size 6 : Deep Digging Spoon

  • Read more $13.46

    Size 7 : King Salmon Special

Showing all 8 results