History of the EGB Lure

Birth of a Quality Lure

The first EGB Swiss Blinkers appeared shortly after the end of World War II, more than fifty years ago. They were crafted by the avid fisherman, Ernst Gubler, who lived in Basil, Switzerland. Thus the name: Ernst Gubler of Basil… EGB.

The tradition of Swiss quality is continued and the same attention given to each lure by his son, Paul Gubler, who still lives in Basil.

The first EGB was somewhat different than those crafted today. The design and unusual weighting of each spoon evolved through 50 years of testing and researching the eating habits and patterns of freshwater fish. Ernst mastered the concept of creating a lure that resembled a wounded prey and began marketing the EGB in Europe. EGB quickly became recognized as one of the finest lures in Europe.

Today the creativity of the Gubler family continues. One of the most unique spinners on the market today is the EGB Tandem Spinner. Ernst developed the original concept of a tandem spinner. It took many years of fine-tuning and testing before the engineering genius of his son, Paul, was able to successfully mass produce this fascinating lure. In honor of Paul’s accomplishments this spinner is now referred to as the “P – 1”. In order for a spoon or spinner to have survived this long can only mean one thing… it catches fish. We guarantee it.

In order for a lure to have survived this long can only mean one thing… it catches fish.

My friend from Russia recommended these lures. He has had great fishing in the last two years, especially for Nothern Pike.

Alexander Schwarzman / Port Jefferson, NY / May, 2002