Hand Crafted Excellence

EGBs are made of solid brass and feature a built-in French swivel that eliminates line twist and produces an irresistible wobbling action. EGBs are hammered by hand, then plated with real silver and/or hand painted. Such attention to detail ensures ultra-high quality and a lure that will consistently out-catch lesser hardware.

These quality lures are manufactured in fifteen separate operations. Their solid brass bodies contain up to thirty hand-hammered facets for exceptional flash and underwater noise that machine finished lures lack. Their specially designed planing surface produces a wobbling motion and deep, life-like cuts. Their genuine silver plating stays silver at depths over ten feet whereas nickel and chrome do not. Their fluttering red tail gives a final flippant action that’s irresistible to game fish. The bronzed needlepoint hooks are of the highest quality.

EGBs are available in seventeen models of spoons (known as “blinkers” in Europe), flutter spoons and spinners in weights from 1/10 through 3/4 ounce, and come in sixteen fish-tempting color patterns. EGBs have been proven effective for trout, bass, salmon, walleye, pike, perch, muskie and steelhead as well as other fresh water species.

It’s a luxury to have the best of anything‚Ķ with fishing lures, you can afford it!

“I just got back from a caribou / fishing trip in upper Quebec. I borrowed an EGB spoon from a friend — he said “TRY IT”. That spoon fed 6 hunters and 1 guide for 3 meals. ALL others failed. I can understand why you don’t advertise HEAVY on these lures. There wouldn’t be a fish left in any pond.”

Kurt HannI / June, 2005
P.S. The fish– lake / rainbow trout on the same spoon.